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Over the past few months, we have developed new classic infotainment systems for the vintage car market in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover’s Classic division in Coventry, UK. We are pleased to introduce a whole series of new vintage car kits from both manufacturers, which are available now from Jaguar Land Rover Classic.

The special feature of the devices is in addition to the extensive equipment package, especially in the excellent optical integration, which were adapted very specifically to the interior of older vehicles of the brands Jaguar and Land Rover. In the production of front panels metal and chrome are used and thus the devices fit authentically in many vehicle models of the two traditional car brands.

The new systems feature state-of-the-art infotainment technology in a compact 1-DIN format including satellite navigation, touchscreen operation and multimedia functionality, such as music streaming via Bluetooth. In addition, the device variants for the European market have a tuner for receiving digital radio DAB+. The included antenna signal splitter ensures that the analogue antenna already installed in the vehicle can also be used to receive DAB+.

All in all, we have developed five systems that are also certified for the US market in further variants and that can be individually integrated into vehicles of different years depending on the choice of material, the design of the knobs and the color scheme. The Jaguar “Chrome” design is particularly suited for 60s-era cars, while the Jaguar “Black” fits nicely into an 80s or later model.

The brand-new “Classic Infotainment System” with pinstripe optics (see picture) is conceivable in a variety of vintage cars. The owners of a Land Rover will also get their money’s worth and can modernise their interior with the designs “Silver” or “Black” without committing a break in style.

The Classic Infotainment System can be ordered from any Jaguar Land Rover dealer.


Sales and support are provided exclusively through Jaguar Land Rover.