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In a joint collaboration, Krämer Automotive Systems GmbH and NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH have developed a splitter solution that allows the reception of digital radio DAB+ with conventional FM vehicle antennas, provided this is supported by the tuner of the headunit used*. The aim of the development was to provide as simple a technology as possible for the retrofitting of DAB+ without the need for additional antennas in the vehicle and additional cables to be pulled. The solution is suitable both for the aftermarket market and for the installation of tuners in the serial production of vehicles. The splitter in the case of vehicle manufacturers is particularly noticeable, as additional costs arise due to the installation of DAB-capable antennas and corresponding cable trees. Through the use of the module, there is a considerable potential savings in the production of automobiles.

The use of high-quality, automotive-compatible components as well as an intelligent arrangement of the electronic components results in a maximum avoidance of interference and very good damping properties. The splitter solution does not have to hide in comparison to the conventional constellation using a special DAB antenna and also has practical reception properties.

Krämer Automotive offers the technology in two different variants. An external solution, which is particularly suitable for the retrofitting of DAB-compatible autoradios. An internal solution is likely to be particularly popular in the production of cost-sensitive vehicles: the splitter module can be integrated on the main board of the headunit and the installation of a special antenna system is omitted. For further information, please contact sales@kraemer-automotive.com

*Note: The antenna signal splitter  does not include a DAB tuner. To receive digital Radio, a DAB-capable tuner in the radio device is required.