Kompass auf einem felsigen Untergrund, im Hintergrund bergige Landschaft und Sonnenuntergang

We are happy to take responsibility.

Our Code of Conduct as the key to an ethical corporate culture.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is at the heart of our corporate culture and reflects the values and principles that define us as a company. It provides clear instructions for the behaviour we expect from all our employees.

Our responsibility for compliance

Goldene Standortmarkierung auf einer stilisierten Karte mit hervorgehobenen Straßen


For us, integrity means taking a stand. It serves as an inner compass to do the right thing based on our own convictions – regardless of economic or social pressure. In order to provide guidance and support, we have firmly integrated integrity into our processes and decisions. In this way, we take responsibility and take a stand. This strengthens our trustworthiness and makes us even more attractive to our investors, customers and employees.

Our stance

We are convinced that our company can only be successful in the long term if all employees act with integrity and in accordance with the rules. For this reason, we have made integrity and compliance an integral part of our corporate strategy and selected it as one of the focus topics of our sustainability programme.

Handschlag zwischen zwei Personen in Anzügen, symbolisiert Vertrauen und Übereinkunft
Waage auf einem Tisch mit einer Hand im Hintergrund, die auf die Waage zeigt, symbolisiert Gerechtigkeit und ethische Prinzipien

How we see ourselves

We are aware that violations of laws, rules and regulations have consequences. For this reason, we want to be a role model in this area. We have set out our ethical basis in our Code of Conduct. We live our corporate values, principles and rules. At Krämer Automotive, we promote trusting, honest and fair cooperation. We want to take responsibility and protect the company and its employees through clear rules and a clear attitude.

Junge Pflanze wächst aus der Erde, symbolisiert Wachstum und ökologische Nachhaltigkeit

Ecological sustainability

Sustainability is our commitment to a sustainable world by developing products that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Laptop auf einem Tisch mit grünfarbigen Daten zu Umweltthemen auf dem Bildschirm, im Hintergrund Pflanzen und ein unscharfes Büro

Economic sustainability

We aim to grow and remain stable over the long term through efficient processes and responsible use of resources.

Grüner Wald mit Sonnenlicht, das durch die Bäume scheint


Together for a greener future: every step, every day, every decision counts. Let’s act now for our environment.

Mehrere Hände schließen in der Mitte übereinander zusammen, symbolisieren Teamarbeit und Zusammenarbeit

Social sustainability

We are unwavering in our commitment to fair working conditions, equal rights and social inclusion.

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