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We are your innovation and development partner for infotainment systems, digital cockpits and driver assistance systems.

Who we are

Welcome to our homepage!
We are a well-known automotive supplier based in Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg. As a Tier 1 supplier, we specialise in the development and production of infotainment systems, digital cockpits, and connectivity solutions in vehicles. Our services include project management, hardware design, prototyping, software development, UX development, GUI design and production. Our goal is to shape the mobility of the future through innovation and continuous development of systems and our services.

Modernes Firmengebäude umgeben von Bäumen und Grünflächen unter einem bewölkten Himmel

What we do

Eine Frau trägt eine VR-Brille und sitzt in einem Auto vor einem modernen Armaturenbrett.

We are an innovation partner

In a constantly evolving world that places increasing demands on drivers and passengers, we offer creative and innovative solutions in the areas of infotainment, entertainment, driver assistance, connectivity, and safety. Together with our partners, we are shaping the future of mobility and rely on state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill the individual requirements of our customers and users. Discover the possibilities of the next generation of technology, information, and entertainment in the vehicle with Krämer Automotive. We will be happy to accompany you on this journey.

We are a development partner

The selection of the right electronic components and modules and their integration into the overall „infotainment system“ product play a decisive role in vehicle technology. The development and integration of these components is a complex process with many dependencies and multi-layered links. We are your reliable partner in all phases of product development, project management, and project realisation. We accompany the development of your idea from the prototype to the rollout and are on hand to advise you in every project phase. With our many years of experience and our standardized processes, we will lead your project to success.

Futuristisches Fahrzeug-Infotainment
Nahaufnahme einer Elektronikplatine mit Leiterbahnen und elektronischen Komponenten

We are a manufacturer

In system production, Krämer Automotive Systems benefits from an ever-expanding international production and partner network. All teams and production sites worldwide have extensive expertise in electronics production, plastic injection moulding, painting and assembly. This global presence creates synergies and enables flexible, market-oriented production with a project-based cost structure. You can rely on our expertise to make your vision a reality.

We offer holistic solutions

We are a solution provider specialising in individual technical challenges in the field of infotainment and driver assistance. We support our customers from brainstorming to requirements definition. Our holistic approach enables us to offer comprehensive solutions. From concept and project support to the end of the product lifecycle. We do not deliver a standard product, but a tailor-made system that meets all your requirements. We are your designer, developer, project manager and manufacturer. We supply all the hardware and software components and take care of the complete integration into the vehicle.

Auto auf nasser Straße mit kreisförmigen futuristischen Grafiken um sich herum
Schneller Sportwagen fährt auf einer Straße bei Sonnenuntergang


With the variety of services designed to achieve business goals and maximize success, our offering sets the standard.

Drei Personen arbeiten gemeinsam an einem Computerbildschirm, zeigen positive und konzentrierte Stimmung


With enthusiasm and innovation, we shape the future every day, inspire people around the world and revolutionize our industry.

Fahrzeuginnenraum mit digitalem Cluster und Infotainmentsystem

Success stories

Success stories are inspiring examples that illustrate how we overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

Luxusauto neben einem Privatjet auf einem Flughafen bei Sonnenuntergang


An excerpt from our successful work. A place of inspiration and ideas for the possibilities of future projects.

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