Roboterarme in einer Produktionslinie, die Produkte auf einem Förderband montieren

Scalable production.

Our production capacities: Whether small series or large-scale production.

Series production

Welcome to the world of series production, where efficiency and precision go hand in hand. Our state-of-the-art production line enables us to manufacture a wide range of products in large quantities without compromising on quality. With our series production, we guarantee consistent quality, short delivery times, and cost-effective solutions. Discover the advantages of series production and let us work together to achieve your production goals. Welcome to us, where quality meets quantity.

Manufacturing process

Roboterarme in einer Produktionslinie, die Produkte auf einem Förderband montieren


A keen understanding and feel for the needs of our customers and their target groups is undoubtedly one of our strengths. Understanding the wishes of the stakeholders is also a key factor for a successful project start and progress. That’s why we rely on experienced engineers and designers who know the needs inside out. Our process includes the complete identification, documentation, analysis, and management of all requirements.


Compliance engineering is our top priority in all of our projects. We guarantee that all legal regulations, norms, and standards are met. Our comprehensive measures guarantee that our solutions are not only technically flawless but also fully compliant with all legal requirements. Compliance is at the heart of our project work.

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International supply chain management

Effective supply chain management is crucial for the fulfilment of customer requirements when handling international automotive projects. It is not just about transporting products from A to B, but also about organising the entire supply chain efficiently and meeting customer expectations. By optimising the coordination and integration of procurement, production, storage and distribution, we achieve effective use of resources. This leads to shorter delivery times, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction as well as on-time delivery of your systems and modules.

Scalable production and assembling

Thanks to our international partner network, we can adapt our production and assembly capacities to almost any project size. To meet our customers’ requirements, we rely on modular workflows, automated processes, and a versatile team that is constantly looking for optimisations. This enables us to expand our capacities efficiently and ensure quality at the same time.

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Quality management

Quality management is an essential aspect of our company to guarantee the quality of our products, services, and processes. We orientate ourselves on international quality standards to ensure that our products and services meet the requirements. This includes audits, tests, and inspections to ensure that everything meets the specified quality criteria.

Supplier and process audits

We successfully carry out supplier and process audits for all components and processes. In doing so, we carefully scrutinise suppliers’ methods, their processes, the materials used, and their environmental compatibility. We aim to ensure that the products supplied meet the highest quality standards and that co-operation between us and our suppliers runs smoothly. We audit all our suppliers by the recognised VDA 6.3 standard.

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Certified processes

Our certified processes guarantee the highest quality, as well as compliance with all relevant industry standards.

Maschine in einer Produktionslinie bei der automatisierten Herstellung von Produkten

Automated production

Automated manufacturing is revolutionising production processes by increasing efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring consistently high quality.

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Price sensitivity

We are sensitive to price and we will always offer you the very best value for money on all our products and services. We offer our customers the best value for money, because quality meets value.

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Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is clear and unequivocal: it defines the standards of behaviour we expect from each other and the principles that guide our fair and respectful cooperation.

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