Moderner Fahrzeuginnenraum mit fortschrittlichem digitalen Dashboard und Ambientebeleuchtung

Our enthusiasm: state of the art technology.

Our managers are more than just managers – they are pioneers with vision and commitment to the future of our company.


“Since 2006, I have been managing Krämer Automotive Systems GmbH, a tier 1 supplier that develops many innovative infotainment and cluster systems for the automotive environment. With decades of experience in the field of driver assistance and infotainment systems, a highly motivated and qualified team, and a first-class network of international partners, we create first-class products at the highest level.” 

Hans-Peter Schmidt, Managing Director

Our motivation

Hans-Peter Schmidt

Managing Director, Krämer Automotive Systems GmbH

As the visionary pioneer of Krämer Automotive Systems, he has decades of entrepreneurial experience in the automotive industry. His influence is regarded as groundbreaking, as many of his innovations have found their way into the luxury car class to this day. His expertise has not only shaped the success of Krämer Automotive but has also influenced the progress of the entire industry.

Geschäftsmann steht vor eine verglasten Fassade
Geschäftsfrau steht vor eine verglasten Fassade

Gabriele Müller

Managing Director, Krämer Automotive Systems GmbH                                   

At Krämer Automotive Systems, she combines comprehensive business expertise with a profound technical understanding and many years of experience in the automotive industry, characterised by a large number of successful projects. Her primary goal is to inspire our customers through innovation as well as the highest quality and efficiency.

Gruppe von Menschen, die vor einem Computer zusammenarbeiten


With enthusiasm and innovation, we shape the future every day, inspire people around the world and revolutionise our industry.

Mann steht mit einem Tablet vor einem Auto, das von digitalen Icons umgeben ist


Safe and sustainable mobility for the future: The best driving experience for all passengers at the highest level of technology and design.

Pflanze, die auf einem Mikrochip wächst

Sustainable development

Our parameters for sustainable development work: synergies, recyclability, expandability, and future viability!

Moderne Produktionshalle mit Maschinen und Produktionslinien


Our production capabilities extend to all stages of production, from prototype to large-scale production.

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