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Developments with passion and creativity.

What we do, why we do it: Setting standards with innovative solutions.


In an increasingly complex world, it is becoming more and more important for companies to focus on the essentials. For Krämer Automotive, this means focusing on topics, projects, products, or measures that are in line with the mission, create value, and contribute to a better future. The mission indicates how this can be achieved. Our customers receive solutions to the major challenges of our time through technology. These are supported by the high level of commitment of all employees.

What we do

Create value

Our actions are geared towards creating value. These values are manifested in many ways, not only in economic success and a positive reputation for our customers but also in sustainable effects. Our products and systems are designed to generate added value for vehicle users. When you use our technologies, you should not only experience functional efficiency but also a feeling of comfort, safety, and enjoyment. We strive to ensure that our solutions not only make our customers’ everyday lives easier but also become an integral part of their lives – whether commuting to work, on long journeys, or spontaneous excursions. Our systems are more than just technology. They are companions that enrich the driving experience, offer safety, and shape the mobility of the future.

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Our technologies

The future of mobility will be defined by connectivity, safety, and comfort – regardless of the type of drive! While hardware remains important, software, cloud-based services, IoT, and AI are becoming increasingly important. With the help of our innovative technologies and our dedicated global network, we are striving to play a pioneering role in the transformation of the mobility industry!

Solutions for your customers

We are more than just a development service provider and manufacturer. Our technologies help your customers improve their products and make them more useful for their customers. Our motto is: „Our technologies, your solutions.“. We know the needs of vehicle occupants. Everything we do is for the users of these systems. This is reflected in every area of our development. From the design of the device, to the user interface, to the material, to the functionality, and the overall integration into the vehicle interior.

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Passion drives us

Our employees are not just employees, but also ambassadors of our vision. Their passion for technology and automobiles is the engine that drives our company forward. Why is passion so important? Passionate people are more productive, innovative, and team-orientated. When you do what you love, you are more efficient and perform better. Passionate people think creatively and bring in new ideas and impulses. Shared enthusiasm creates a strong team spirit.

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Innovation partner

We bring fresh ideas and advanced technologies together to create solutions that set new standards.

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Partner network

Our partner network expands our capabilities and enables us to offer an even wider range of high-quality solutions.

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Product development

Product development is redefined with innovation and precision to create creative solutions that conquer the market.

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We’re all about innovation and efficiency, and we love creating high-quality products on a large scale!

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