Holographisches Auto über den Händen einer Person

Investment in the future

Sustainable support over the entire product life cycle.

Product care

Product maintenance is an essential aspect of the product life cycle that aims to maintain the quality and performance of a product. Regular updates and bug fixes optimise product performance and ensure customer satisfaction. Effective product maintenance extends the life of a product and maintains its competitiveness in the market.

Always up to date.

Product updates and optimisation

The quality and performance of our products are important to us, also in terms of sustainability. For this reason, we offer product maintenance packages for every product development. These can include various options, such as regular firmware updates, navigation software updates, new map material, or the expansion of map material. If required, product maintenance also includes the customisation of packaging or operating instructions. We are also happy to support our customers by creating download pages for updates or FAQ information.

Platine mit Mikrochips, die wie ein Stadtbild aussehen und einer holographischen Wolke
Glückliche Geschäftsläute, deren Fäuste sich in der Mitte treffen

Long-term partnership

We strive for a long-term partnership with our customers that extends beyond the product life cycle. Our co-operation offer does not only apply to the first jointly developed system generation. A long-term, strategic partnership enables innovation and is an investment in the future. It opens doors to joint growth based on trust, co-operation, and mutual benefit.

Eine Frau trägt eine VR-Brille und sitzt in einem Auto vor einem modernen Armaturenbrett.

Innovation partner

We bring fresh ideas and advanced technologies together to create solutions that set new standards.

Pflanze, die auf einem Mikrochip wächst

Sustainable development

Sustainable development Our parameters for sustainable development work: synergies, recyclability, expandability and future viability!

Frau arbeitet an einem Computer und erstellt Dokumentationen

Documentation (Manuals & Co.)

We transform complex details into comprehensible manuals that help users get the most out of the products.

Moderne Produktionshalle mit Maschinen und Produktionslinien

Scalable production

Scalable production enables us to keep pace with demand while guaranteeing the highest quality.

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