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Our services include full support for development projects in the areas of infotainment, digital cockpits and vehicle networking. We are available to you as a contact partner at every stage of development – from the initial idea to industrialisation and logistics. We support you with all challenges in the areas of hardware, software, design, documentation, QA, testing and logistics.

Our service areas

Production of car infotainment systems

Today’s infotainment systems have evolved far beyond traditional car radios and are an important part of modern vehicles. They offer numerous functions that go beyond the simple enjoyment of music. They now integrate information, navigation, communication, safety, and entertainment into a single platform. Advanced technologies such as touchscreen displays, voice control, and smartphone connectivity enable seamless interaction with the vehicle. In addition, modern infotainment systems provide access to real-time information such as traffic, weather, and vehicle data. They not only significantly improve the driving experience and contribute to safety on the road. They are the interface between occupants and vehicles and shape the perception of the car like no other module.

Innenraum eines Autos mit modernen Infotainmentsystemen
Digitales Cockpit mit verschiedenen Anzeigen und Funktionen

Development of digital cockpits

Digital cockpits are revolutionising the driving experience by replacing traditional instrument panels with high-resolution, customisable displays. They offer an intuitive user interface that combines important driving information, navigation, and infotainment in one centralised field of vision. With the ability to present and personalise real-time data, digital cockpits improve driver safety and comfort. They are integrated with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to display warnings and critical information directly in the driver’s field of vision. Digital cockpits improve and simplify the driving experience in the modern automotive world.

Integration of sound systems

Current sound systems in vehicles have evolved far beyond traditional speakers. They offer high-quality audio experiences with multiple speakers, powerful subwoofers, and advanced amplifiers distributed throughout the vehicle. They are often equipped with technologies such as surround sound and noise cancellation to create an absolute listening experience. Overall, they help to make the driving experience more enjoyable and entertaining. We develop and integrate sound systems as part of a series of projects. Get in touch with us!

Nahaufnahme eines Lautsprechers im Türpanel eines Fahrzeugs
Fahrer nutzt ein digitales Display im Fahrzeug

Supplier of display technology

Display technology in vehicles has developed enormously and now offers a wide range of information and functions on a central screen. Modern vehicle displays use cutting-edge technologies like LCD and OLED to deliver crystal-clear, bright, and energy-efficient displays. They can display a wide range of information, from speed and fuel consumption to navigation instructions and infotainment content. Touch-enabled displays are the norm today, making them intuitive and easy to use. Some displays can even show 3D images or augmented reality content, which improves driving safety and the driving experience. Display technology is the driving force behind the modern driving experience.

Product design

Our product designs combine aesthetics and functionality. We attach great importance to combining technology and design to revolutionise the vehicle interior. We rely on customised housings, displays, and control elements to constantly set new standards. We pay equal attention to quality and precision as well as stylistic integration by adopting the existing design idea, materials, and look and feel of the entire vehicle interior. With our design, infotainment systems become the visual centerpiece of every vehicle.

Modernes Infotainmentsystem im Innenraum eines Fahrzeugs
Person interagiert mit der Benutzeroberfläche eines Elektroautos

User interface design and programming

We take complex customer requirements and turn them into user-friendly, straightforward processes in information architecture. We use wireframes to bring ideas to life and design the user flow for a seamless user experience. Prototyping and testing guarantee that every element is designed to be intuitive and effective. In UI design, innovation and a positive user experience go hand in hand. It’s more than just design. It’s the art of combining technology and user needs in perfect harmony.

Control of integrated vehicle modules

The control of integrated vehicle modules is a key aspect of modern vehicles and our developments. These modules are responsible for specific functions such as engine performance, brakes, infotainment, and climate control. They are accessed via the on-board diagnostics (OBD) system, and special software enables control and monitoring. Security, data protection, and regular updates are of great importance.

Nahaufnahme eines Fahrzeugmotors mit integrierten Modulen
Hand hält ein Smartphone an den Türgriff eines Autos

Integration of optional modules

The future of vehicle technology can be experienced through state-of-the-art services. The integration and connection of optional modules such as reversing cameras, dashcams, night vision, eye tracking, 360-degree cameras, lane assistance or ADAS/radar are part of our range. These technologies open up new dimensions of safety and comfort. With advanced functions, every journey becomes a unique experience.

Development of middleware

Our expertise lies in the development of advanced middleware solutions for infotainment systems. Through innovative programming, we provide customised solutions that enable a seamless and intuitive driving experience and can be easily adapted to our customers’ graphical user interfaces. From the integration of entertainment options and navigation systems to seamless connectivity with mobile devices, our middleware is designed to fulfill the requirements of modern vehicles.

Mikrochip mit einem Autodesign darauf
Fahrzeuge tauschen Daten über ein digitales Netzwerk aus

Data input and power supply

We provide the necessary connectivity and connection options for smooth data exchange, including media, firmware updates, and contact data, between external sources such as mobile devices or data carriers and driver information systems. This includes the hardware integration of USB interfaces, SD card controllers, Bluetooth or Wifi modules as well as the software connection and control. In addition, the power supply for external devices is also realised via wireless/fast charging.

Cloud and connectivity/data exchange

Thanks to our cloud-based technologies, vehicle data and applications can be easily stored via the internet. Our connectivity solutions also ensure smooth data exchange between vehicles and external networks. With data exchange functionalities, we enable the transfer of vehicle data between different vehicles, infrastructures, and cloud platforms to support functions such as telematics (TCU), navigation, and software updates!

Fahrzeug fährt durch eine Stadt, verbunden mit einem digitalen Netzwerk
Person bedient eine App auf dem Smartphone zur Steuerung eines Fahrzeugs

Development of apps

New horizons are opening up in the world of app development, particularly in the field of vehicle-related applications and modern mobility. We offer the conception, design, development, and provision of first-class apps. Whether remote applications for controlling vehicle functions, transferring planned routes to the navigation system, or synchronising vehicle data such as mileage or consumption – we are your contact. We are your creative partner for the realisation of system-complementary applications that offer added value to all vehicle users.

Innenraum eines Autos mit modernen Infotainmentsystemen

Product development

We redefine product development with innovation and precision to create creative solutions that conquer the market.

Nahaufnahme einer Industriemaschine, die an der Produktion arbeitet


We deliver high-quality products on a large scale through the combination of innovation and efficiency.

Zwei Hände halten eine gläserne Weltkugel mit vernetzen, leuchtenden Punkten

Partner network

This is an extract from our successful work. It is a place of inspiration and ideas for future development projects.

Eine Frau trägt eine VR-Brille und sitzt in einem Auto vor einem modernen Armaturenbrett.

Innovation partner

We bring fresh ideas and advanced technologies together to create solutions that set new standards.

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