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Motivation. Innovation. New products.

Krämer Automotive „Creative Space“: Our space for creativity, exchange and experimentation.

Creative Space

Welcome to the Creative Space of Krämer Automotive!
Experimentation lies at the heart of innovation and progress. Here at Creative Space, we offer exactly this space – a laboratory where new technologies can be tried out, ground-breaking ideas can be developed and the boundaries of what is possible can be expanded. Whether you’re an experienced innovator or a curious beginner, Space is for everyone. Together we can shape the future!

Identification of trends

Monitoring, Scanning, Naming

Constant observation of the market and the environment is necessary to understand and take on board the wishes and needs of car drivers, passengers and car manufacturers. Innovations and current developments should serve as a source of inspiration. It is important to recognise, understand and identify future needs and requirements in order to be able to act as an innovation partner.

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Holografisches Modell eines Autos zeigt technische Details und Design

Trend scouting

The range of technologies and trends is constantly changing, offering passengers more and more comfort, entertainment options, and safety in their vehicles. We observe, analyse, and listen to the wishes of car drivers. With the powers of observation of an ethnologist and the intuition of a successful entrepreneur, we discover innovation potential.

Ideas and concepts

Together, we turn trends and ideas into new, innovative products and solutions for you and your customers. Our product development teams use their creativity and expertise to create appealing solutions and new business potential for our customers.

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Personen bei einer Design Thinking Session diskutieren und entwickeln Ideen

Design Thinking

Design thinking is our approach to developing creative solutions that meet the needs of users.

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Research & Analytics

Based on solid data and knowledge, they help us make informed decisions and develop innovative solutions.

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Provides space for new technologies, groundbreaking ideas and a creative platform for sharing innovative ideas.

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Development is our way of turning visions into high-performance solutions that are precisely tailored to all requirements.

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